Number 1

My original training was engineering, computer science, followed by the study of fine arts at the University of Western Ontario, Painting, Sculpture and Screen print.

My background in science has strongly influenced my Artwork. The choice of materials and the process emerges from that experience. I am fascinated by Dots, Lines and clean surfaces. New experiments in art have always been of a great challenge for me. For years I was attracted to Titanium and Copper, these two materials has great impact on my being. In these paintings I am using copper as lines and dots (rivets), combining them with lines and clean surfaces with minimum use of color.

Kevork-George Kassabian

Canadian-Armenian Painter, Sculptor

// Education

  • 1967 Graduated Engineering, British Tutorial Institute.
  • 1969 Graduated Computer Programming, B.M.T.I., Toronto.
  • 1973 Graduated B.A. Fine arts, University of Western Ontario.

// Selected Solo Exhibitions

  • 2018 Albert and Tove Boyajian gallery, Yerevan, Armenia
  • 2016 InteriorDAsein gallery, Berlin, Germany
  • 2015 Artist Union House of Armenia, Yerevan
  • 2006 Academia Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia
  • 2004 Hotel Yerevan, Yerevan, Armenia
  • 1987 French Cultural Center, Damascus, Syria
  • 1975 Pollack Art Gallery, Toronto
  • 1974 Alex Manoukian Art Center, Beirut, Lebanon
  • 1973 Kitchener Public Library and Art Gallery, Ontario, Canada

// Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2019 Group Show, Artist Union of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia
  • 2018 Cafesjian Center for the Arts, Yerevan, Armenia
  • 2017 Artist Union of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia
  • 2012 Art at The Cathedral, New York, N.Y.
  • 2011 Renann Isaacs galery, Guelph, Ontario.
  • 2010 Modern Art Gallery, Yerevan Armenia.
  • 2009 Arta Gallery, Toronto, Canada
  • 2005 Group-show, Mkrtchyan Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia.
  • 1976 Yorkville Art Center, Toronto.
  • 1975 Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.
  • 1973 Armenian Pavilion, Toronto.
  • 1972 McIntosh Art gallery, London, Ont.
  • 1971 Studio Two O Five, Detroit.
  • 1970 McIntosh Art gallery, London, Ont.
  • 1969 The City Hall, Toronto, Canada
  • 1968 The Queen’s Park, Toronto, Canada

// Commissions and awards

  • 1969 Second prize, Annual Industrial Exhibition, Aleppo.
  • 1972 Monumental sculpture at St. Joseph’s Hospital, London, Ont.
  • 1973 Monumental sculpture at Ronald Postian’s residence.
  • 1977 First prize, Monumental sculpture at The University of Aleppo.
  • 1978 First prize, Monumental sculpture at The University of Aleppo.
  • 2018 The Presindent’s Award of the Republic of Armenia

// Bussiness Record

  • 1977-81 Owner and CEO, Tempo and screen printing center.
  • 1981-99 Owner and CEO, Manufacturing polyurethane injection machinery.
  • 1999-03 Owner, CEO, Canadian polyurethane & solar research center.
  • 2003–Present Full time artist.